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Support System

Support System

Mai Wiru has been able to introduce and provide the following outcomes:

Mai Wiru has been working to improve the health and wellbeing of Indigenous families across the APY Lands. The organisation provides a range of freight and food products to schools on the APY Lands, ensuring that Indigenous children receive a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Mai Wiru’s support to the School Nutrition Program ensures that Indigenous children are now receiving the food and nutrition they need to thrive, where in most cases, they would go without.

Mai Wiru also provides regular sponsorship and donations to communities to ensure their participation in various sports and community activities. The organisation is committed to providing financial support for these events – to ensure every community is encouraged to live a healthier and active lifestyle, and to create new opportunities.

Keeping regional townships clean, sanitary and safe is a top priority for Mai Wiru. Mai Wiru offers a variety of recycling and waste programs to help achieve this goal. Each program is designed to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, and to recycle as much as possible. Mai Wiru have been successful in reducing the amount of waste produced in regional townships, and are committed to continue working hard to keep communities clean and safe for everyone.

Mai Wiru stores are an important part of the community, providing employment, and training and development opportunities for local people. The organisation has a strong commitment to social responsibility and supporting a range of community initiatives.


Mai Wiru has introduced Wholesale & Retailing of General Merchandise with the development of MEGA

The Mai Wiru supply chain is a complex and logistically challenging operation, and the fact that it continued to function during the Covid crisis was a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of those involved.

Palya, Australian Owned & Operated Wholesale Supplier

Mai Wiru and Palya entered into a joint venture with a common mission to support Indigenous communities, increase buying power, and effectively reduce the cost of general merchandise across Mai Wiru’s stores. In 2021, Mai Wiru now operates Palya as its subsidiary company, and distributes over 7000 product lines across the country. 

Palya is a business that proudly contributes each year to the Mai Wiru Foundation.