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How Mai Wiru Operates

The foundational elements of the Mai Wiru organisation & mission is

Promote health and wellbeing amongst our Indigenous and remote communities by providing a range of community lifestyle and wellbeing programs.

Implement and promote policies within Mai Wiru businesses and in conjunction with like-minded stakeholders that supports health and wellbeing outcomes.

Provide our Indigenous and remote communities with reliable, sustainable, and enduring access to affordable fresh food.

Provide a wholistic range of services within our indigenous and remote communities that meaningfully contributes to ‘Place, Purpose and Pride’ with the overarching aim of improving health and wellbeing at individual, family, and community levels.

Through commercially sustainable services provided to all stakeholders within our communities, provide employment opportunities for indigenous people.

Provide a competitive not-for-profit business model to Indigenous communities to provide an income stream and facilitate their re-investment in their communities.

Provide cultural awareness services to non-Indigenous Australians via the corporate sector to promote respect for indigenous culture.

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