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Supporting Indigenous Communities

Mai Wiru (May We-Roo) translates to ‘Healthy Food’ in Pit­jan­t­jat­jara, the lan­guage most com­mon­ly spo­ken by peo­ple on the APY Lands.

As an unfunded not-for-profit Indigenous Organisation, Mai Wiru supports communities through a number of its projects and delivers a variety of services across its portfolio. At its foundation, it was established with a goal to improve the health and wellbeing of Indigenous people living on the APY Lands, by ensuring continuous access to nutritious food and essential items, at affordable prices.

About Us

‘Mai Wiru’ is not just about healthy stores, it is a positive movement for Indigenous families to live, eat, and teach their future generations on how to have a healthy community.

Through consultation, monitoring, and new initiatives, Mai Wiru has been instrumental in bridging the ongoing issues of food security on the APY Lands and the broader remote Indigenous communities. There has been a significant improvement in food security, the range and quality of fresh fruit and vegetables, and healthy alternatives in community stores since its inception circa 1990’s.

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With our focus solely on improving the quality of life of Indigenous communities, we aim to partner with you delivering a wholistic approach to your community.

Nutrition Programs

Mai Wiru is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous children, their families, and the broader community.

Schools & Community

In partnership with Food Bank Australia, Mai Wiru continues to deliver TONNES of fresh fruit and vegetables weekly, in support of the School Nutrition Program. 

Bush Orders-APY Lands

Through Mai Wiru’s freight & logistics centre, the organisation guarantees food security and the reliability of delivering goods and services to the most remote communities.

MWRSCAC has instigated projects to promote health and wellbeing including:

Choose Life Choose Healthy

Mai Wiru's Healthy Store Policies

Pricing Policy

Mai Wiru understands the issues Indigenous face within community, that is why we focus on bringing down living costs through subsidisng healthy food and essential items, as well as no markup on baby foods.

Knowledge & Experience

Through the employment of a Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, Mai Wiru is able to actively promote healthy food choices and increase participation in its communities.


$1 bottles of water was first implemented across Mai Wiru’s community stores, made possible through a partnership with Coca Cola. Mai Wiru continuous to promote water and non-sugared drinks as the better alternative.