Freight Charges

The most effi­cient use of the space & weight capac­i­ty avail­able is key to the effi­cient oper­a­tion of any trans­port ser­vice and hence it is any indus­try stan­dard to charge for both the weight and vol­ume of a freight con­sign­ment to allow for this.

A box of feath­ers and a box of bricks takes up the same space on a truck and if we only charged on weight then our costs would not be cov­ered with the feath­ers box. Hence trans­port com­pa­nies charge either dead weight or cubic weight, whichev­er is greater.

Dead weight = actu­al weight of the item in kgs.

Cubic weight = vol­ume weight i.e. size of the freight item (for for­mu­la cal­cu­la­tion see below)

Through­out the indus­try, dif­fer­ent cubic con­ver­sions exist which nor­mal­ly depends on what trans­port mode is utilised by the customer.

Cubic Con­ver­sion Rate Options

  • Stan­dard cubic con­ver­sion is 1 cubic meter of space = 167kgs (Glob­al airfreight)
  • Stan­dard cubic con­ver­sion is 1 cubic meter of space = 250kgs (Road Freight)
  • Stan­dard cubic con­ver­sion is 1 cubic meter of space = 333kgs (Sea Freight)

Cubic Weight Formula

Cubic weight = height in meters (H) x length in meters (L) x width in meters (W) x 250kgs (for road freight)

Cubic Weight Example

H = 135cm

L = 65cm

W = 40cm

1.35 x .65 x .40250 = 87.75 kgs

You will be charged the great­est of the dead weight or cubic weight.

If the actu­al box weighed 100 kgs you would be charged this dead weight. But if the box was say, 23 kgs, you would be charged the cubic weight of 88 kgs

    Impor­tant Notes on Measuring

    • If you freight is on a pal­let or any oth­er sort of pack­ag­ing you must include this in your cubic weight cal­cu­la­tion i.e. it forms part of the freight item.
    • If the item is an odd shape, the great­est points must be used. Mea­sure an imag­i­nary box around the item.
    • Round up all kgs to the next denom­i­na­tor i.e. 30.3 kgs will be round­ed up to 31 kgs.

    Prices from/​to Ade­laide to all APY Communities

    Pal­lets: $375 per pal­let + GST

    Car­tons (basic charge): $27.25 + $0.82 per kg over 10kg + GST

    Dan­ger­ous Goods sur­charge: $125 per consignment

    Prices for Ade­laide Metro Local Collections

    Pal­lets: from $75/​pallet + GST

    Car­tons (basic charge): from $25/​carton + GST

    E.g. Five car­tons Wingflied, Ade­laide to Ama­ta at 10kg each =

    $27.25 + (40 x $0.82) = $60.05GST

    Notes on Pricing

    Dis­count­ed pric­ing can be nego­ti­at­ed for bulk ship­ments or reg­u­lar week­ly services.

    Prices are exclu­sive of Fuel Levy (cur­rent­ly 0.0% reviewed monthly).

    Cubic allowance: 1m cubed = 250kg

    Dan­ger­ous Goods sur­charge: $125.00 per consignment.

    Trans­port Charges Include the Fol­low­ing Ser­vice Provisions:

    • Receipt & check­ing of goods at Toll Trans­port Depot.
    • Con­sign­ment note com­ple­tion list­ing items and goods description.
    • Man­i­fest­ing of all freight onto the week­ly line haul service.
    • Overnight trans­porta­tion from Ade­laide to APY Com­mu­ni­ties (2 days to West APY).
    • Cold Chain assur­ance via HAC­CP accred­it­ed carrier.
    • Deliv­ery of goods direct­ly to the applic­a­ble Com­mu­ni­ty Store.
    • Unload­ing at the Com­mu­ni­ty Store and tem­po­rary tem­per­a­ture con­trolled stor­age as required at the store await­ing col­lec­tion by the agency cus­tomer at their convenience.